Teks Pidato dari Haitami XII IPA A

Name : Haitami

From : MAN 2 Amuntai

In English speech contest

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Peace be up on you

Alhamdulillah all praise for Allah as God for human in the world and we must always says thanks for Allah because the god give we all the mercy, so we still meet the month which full history and it’s The Rabiul Awal. In this month, a perfect’s man be borned. He can give us all the safe, safe in the world and safe to the hereafter or the beyond.

Don’t forget always to says piece and praying to adoration prophet Muhammad SAW who can bring we all from jahiliyah age or stupid age to wonderful age, and from the dark age to age’s full light of creed.

My brother are gentleman ..and my sister are so beautiful..

My speech today is “RASULULLAH”….

Who is Rasulullah ??

He is a perfect’s man who delegated by Allah for human and with purpose to repair the morals in the world. In the Jahiliyah age, at from gambling, free sex, until holy’s woman very disappointed…why?? Because the woman not have value and the woman are instrument lust.. therefore, Rasulullah is delegated by Allah to repair the morals..

Prophet Muhammad said


Really, I’m delegated by Allah in this world to repair the morals

How the morals in the Jahiliyah age?? It’s very be sad.

Once upon time, when guide of Omar be sad, later he be smile. And than his friends asked to him. They said “ hei Omar, why do you sad??…..”

What’s the respond Omar ?, he answer like that “I’m very stupid before I’m Islam, I killed my daughter. How??

Once upon time, I have many time for my child and before, I don’t know that my child is a girl but I think it’s a boy. I’m teach my child to ride horse, and than my child do want to urine. When my child was urine, I’m so glad because I know my child is a girl. And than I’m killed she without to discuss with my wife..

How to way??

I to dig the earth with my daughter, she help me to make a cemetery for she and than she look at to me and says “heii my father, for what this hole??” she look at me by sharp eyes.. I can’t to speak because I’m very angry when I know my child is a girl..at last, I push she and she down to the hole, and than she was died in the hole who I make with she.

His friend asked again, why to make you be smile?? Omar said like that yesterday, I make a god from material of cake. I worship it, and than when I’m be hungry, I eat it and at last the god from material of cake is ended. So, I have eat the god my self. Everyone in here are be laugh……

How is rasulullah ??

A singer’s Arabic says you are sun which to light the live in the world…You are full moon which to light the dark for live human in the night…. You are light my live….

His father is Abdullah and his mother is Aminah and the place of him birth in the mecca al mukarramah. But his father has died when he in uterus. And than when to go home from his father cemetery, Aminah was sick in the Abwa and she died in there. So, Muhammad is orphan….

How beautiful if this month we use to praying or shalawat for adoration Muhammad SAW because it make him to be happy….

Prophet Muhammad said ……


“Who to praying for me once, Allah praying for you tine times…

My brothers are gentlemen and my sister is so beautiful….

We must always to praying everyday if we all do want to near with Allah and Rasulullah.. So, we must use this month with goodness. No just this month, but moreover we must to increase it in another month to praying. So, if we meet again with this month, we better than yesterdays month…

Ladies and gentlemen

If we remember to prophet Muhammad, we must praying for him…

If we loving prophet Muhammad, we must praying for him….

If we pitying prophet Muhammad, we must praying for him….

If we want to near with Allah and Rasulullah, we must always pray for him….

So, in this month, we use to prove about our love, our pity, with praying to him…

Ladies and gentlemen…..and the juries are happy…..

Rasulullah give us, all many good examples because he is a perfect’s men who delegated by Allah to repair the moral in the world…

So, we must to exampling him, we must take the good morals value from him…

For example like that, if we do want to be a president, we must to exampling him, how a men can’t to writing, can’t to reading, but he can to be a president for human in the world, the special for moslem….but, if we do want to be a teacher, we must to exampling him how a men can’t writing, can’t to reading, but he can to be a teacher for human in the world…..

And than, what we want to be….we must to exampling him…..

I hope too, we can to exampling the live of Rasulullah in everyday in the our live if we want to be happy, happy in the world and happy uh the hereafter….

At the last, I’m sorry if I make a mistake to you all here, but I am not a perfect’s man and my speech is not perfect too,,,,and no body perfect in the world except Rasulullah SAW

I think enough….I says thanks for your attention….

And than………………

Wassalamu’alikum Wr. Wb

And peace be upon you

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2 Comments on “Teks Pidato dari Haitami XII IPA A”

  1. haitami Says:

    kayapa ka2wanan barataan,, harat kalo pidato Q t’bwt d blog… ya iya lach,, goee gaool getoooh looochh…!

  2. fajeri Says:

    weh makin asik aja neh man 2

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